Our Story

Be Known was established in 2019 out of the recognition that more folks need a safe and inclusive space to feel comfortable exploring who they are and to feel more fully known. The desire to feel known is so ingrained in who we are as humans, and we are passionate about not only helping people to feel known by others, but to also know themselves better too. Loving and appreciating ourselves does not come naturally as a culture. We want to foster a space in which we learn to embrace all of who we are.

Be Known was birthed from the deep desires expressed by many clients. Many individuals expressed not knowing much about their bodies or sexual selves. Many couples expressed the desire to feel seen, heard, and known by their partner. Even more expressed little connection to their inner self and the emotions warring within. Our goal became to help others feel known.

Our sex and relationship therapists offer sex-positive, kink-friendly, and LGBTQIA+ affirming therapy through telehealth services in Ohio, Kentucky, and Florida.

Our Team

Julie Labanz sitting in a sofa chair writing in a notebook.

Julie Labanz (DiNuoscio)

MA, LPCC-S, CST (she/her/hers)

Julie is the founder of Be Known and an AASECT certified sex therapist. She is dedicated to providing sex-positive, inclusive therapy to help clients overcome shame and embrace self-love, consent, and healthy boundaries.

Sabrina Suarez headshot

Sabrina Suarez

MSW, LSW, CPC (she/her/hers)
Clinician (accepting new clients)

Sabrina focuses on helping individuals and partners enhance intimacy and develop healthier relationships through sex-positive and non-judgmental therapy