Sex positivity & relational wellness for a better you.

Feeling shame, confused or alone after experiencing sexual pain or other sexual challenges? Feeling marginalized by mainstream culture for your sexual preferences or identity? Feeling stuck in your relationship and wanting to make a change? We are here to help.



We know this first step towards seeking help can be intimidating or overwhelming and are happy you're here.

Our goal for you at Be Known is in the name: to provide a safe, non-judgmental space in which you can feel truly known (maybe for the first time!). We hope that you will learn to know yourself in a whole new way. A way in which you can lovingly support and feel at peace with who you are in whatever stage of life you find yourself. This could occur through sexual healing and reawakening, healing your partnership through deeper understanding of one another, or journeying through a difficult season of life.

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Sex Therapy

Sex is important to all of us. Yet being open about it isn’t always easy. We're here to help you be comfortable so you can share all your thoughts, feelings, and desires in a safe place to feel better known.

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Relationship Therapy

Relationships can be challenging. We help you foster empathic connection to work through concerns with communication challenges, feeling like you've lost your spark,  affair recovery, and more.

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Community Engagement

We emphasize inclusivity and desire to help our community grow in our understanding of sexual wellness. We love to speak to parenting groups, office or clinical teams, and student groups.

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