Sex Therapy

Sessions are conducted via telehealth only.

We see both couples and individuals for a variety of sexual concerns that range from sexual dysfunction, pain, differing libidos, communication challenges, lack of pleasure, sexual abuse, LGBTQ+, low desire, infidelity, out of control sexual behaviors, porn addiction, consensual non-monogamy/polyamorous relationships, kink, general education questions, and more. Sex therapy is very similar to traditional therapy. Sessions are about 50 minutes long and we will spend time together talking about your specific concerns, setting goals and finding tools to help you work through those concerns.

Our first three sessions typically follow a structure to set expectations, understand your background, and establish goals.

First, we will meet for the initial session to set expectations of therapy, allow you to share what brings you into therapy now, as well as gather background information on the current concerns.

Then, between the first and second session, you will fill out a sexual history assessment which will give your therapist a comprehensive picture of your personal history/background. If you are a couple,  your therapist will meet with each of you individually to review your assessments.

During your third session, (if you’re a couple, we’ll all come back together) your therapist will provide impressions based on the results of the first two sessions and will spend time collaborating on goals that best meet your needs.  

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We want to know what you desire to work towards and help you achieve those goals while providing insights and suggestions based on what your therapist is seeing as well. These goals will guide the rest of our sessions as we begin to use tools, research, coping skills, etc. to help you on your healing journey.

Our hope is that you will start to know yourself and your partner(s) better. So often sex is a taboo topic that doesn’t get discussed, and by the time you’ve reached our office, you’re probably at the very least, feeling some hints of discomfort. We create a safe space for questions, education, discussion, and more. Come as you are, ready to learn more about yourself (and/or your partner)!

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Relationship Therapy

Sessions are conducted via telehealth only.

Relationships can weather many seasons, and we are honored to meet you and your partner wherever you’re at, in whatever season, to help you create the change you want to see. Using a blend of the Gottman Method and Attachment Theory, we create a safe and non-judgmental environment in which you and your partner can work towards your goals, whether it’s to improve communication, cope with infidelity, re-ignite passion, cope with role changes, family dynamics, and more. We will work towards communicating in a non-toxic way about concerns you may have regarding your relationship.

Sessions are 50 minutes long and the first three are structured such that we set expectations, understand your background, and establish goals.

During the first session, you and your therapist will meet collectively to set expectations of therapy, allow you both to share what brings you to therapy at this time, as well as gather background information on the current concerns.

Then, between the first and second session, both you and your partner will fill out a relationship assessment online (for an additional fee). During our second session, your therapist will meet with both of you individually to gather a comprehensive history and understand your personal concerns.

In the third session, both of you will come back together with your therapist to review the results of the assessment and collaboratively set goals based on the information provided to work towards the changes that you want to see as a couple. These goals will set the course for the rest of your time together.

Our hope is that you will learn how to be curious about your partner(s) in such a way that allows them to feel truly known by you and that they in turn would also help you to feely deeply known.

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Community Engagement

Educating our community to be inclusive and to increase awareness around sexual wellness is a strong value of Be Known. We want to help folks learn more about how to use inclusive language with clients/patients/colleagues/employees (etc.), to understand more about their bodies and what it means to experience pleasure and not pain, how to talk to others in their lives more openly and comfortably about sex, learn about a variety of sexual topics and more.

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Our clinicians have experience speaking in a variety of settings, including hospitals, doctors offices, schools, universities, community centers, parents groups, and more. We would love to come speak with your group about whatever topics feel important to you. Click the link below and send us a message (or an email) to tell us about your needs so we can customize the speaking experience!

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